6 key digital transformation recommendations for a modern government.

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Focus areas


Better align policy with digital

A digital culture will drastically improve delivery outcomes - but requires a wide scale change of mindset.

Invest in Intelligent Automation

An excellent opportunity for government institutions to make business improvements.

Build a strong base in cloud computing

The keys to digital transformation in government lie in the cloud.

Take a more collaborative approach to data

Data standards are a step in the right direction, but interoperability remains a challenge.

Tackle online harms

The what, why and how of keeping people safe online.

Prioritise positive environmental and social impact

Making digital services equal, accessible, and environmentally sustainable.

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The rapid response shown by many government departments to the coronavirus pandemic illustrated the power of digital technology, and what can be achieved with the right mindset, talent, and sheer hard work.

As we now look back at the start of the coronavirus crisis, we can start to take stock of what we have learned during this time. Whether it was forcing more traditional teams to adopt modern ways of working, or enabling the public sector as a whole to get things done more quickly, now is the time to reflect on how the lessons of the past months can help us define our priorities for the future.