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25 April - Exploring how we set standards and do governance of digital services.

Join changemakers and leaders as we discuss how we design and work with service standards for an evolving world.

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What is the digital forum?

The Digital Forum is a networking event series for innovative leaders to discuss ways to improve public services. We focus on sharing insights and lessons from successful projects that are changing how we deliver services, making them more user-friendly, adaptable, and effective. Our goal is to foster collaboration among those leading projects that prioritise standards and user needs.

If you’re committed to transforming public service delivery and work in central government, local authorities, or the private and non-profit sectors, we invite you to join us!

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Our next event will look at how we set standards and do governance of digital services.

We're all used to participating in service assessments - they’ve revolutionised how we manage quality. They're also a great opportunity to come together as a project team, celebrate success and tell a compelling story about digital work.

But there are so many different types of products and services using assessments as part of governance and not just for spend controls. Is the current service standard compatible with everything?

We’ll discuss:

  • What does and doesn’t work?
  • How do you govern quality for platforms, not products?
  • How do you advocate for internal users' voices, including policy teams?
  • Does the Service Standard need to change, or can we work within it?
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